2018 Hall of Fame
Superior Performance
May 6, 2018
Marianne Klosin 

Seacoast NH USBC
with Janet Boyden, President

2019 Hall of Fame
Superior Performance​
May 5, 2019

Richard Hussey Jr.
Claremont NH USBC
with Shawn Fitzpatrick, Center Manager

2017 Hall of Fame
April 15, 2017

Raymond F. Boyden

Southern NH USBC-BA
Seacoast NH USBC

Presented to Janet and Jennifer Boyden

March 2008

Cross Country USBC - WBA


Seacoast NH USBC

2012 Hall Of Fame

May 6, 2012

Claremont NH USBC

New Hampshire State USBC Hall of Fame

     The purpose of this Hall of Fame is to perpetuate the names of those New Hampshire State Association members who have excelled on the lanes and/or those who have contributed through meritorious service to the general welfare and progress of the Game of Ten Pin Bowling in the State of New Hampshire.

 Welcome to the New Hampshire State USBC

A Chapter of the United States Bowling Congress

2018 Hall of Fame
Meritorious Service
May 6, 2018
​Carolyn Warren

Southern NH USBC
with Cathy Maloney, Association Mgr.
and Timothy Warren, Grandson


2020  NH State USBC Hall of Fame Application  ​
Must be submitted by:  March 1, 2020


May 2009

Cross Country USBC - WBA

April 2010

Seacoast NH USBC

2013 Hall Of Fame

April 26, 2013

Southern NH USBC