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RVP and SafeSport

Back in 2006 the United States Bowling Congress introduced the Registered Volunteer Program to help protect the youth in its programs.  The RVP made background checks mandatory for all those involved the youth bowlers.  At the time this placed USBC in the front of youth protection policies.  With times changing and a need to further protect youth USBC added SafeSport training to the requirements of the RVP and made it so that all Board Members and Association Managers be required to go thru the RVP.

In 2017 the United States Bowling Congress passed S.534 Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017.  S.534 requires all national governing bodies to extend the duty to report child abuse, including sexual abuse, to certain adults that are authorized to interact with minor or amateur athletes.  This bill also authorizes NGBs to develop training, policies and procedures to prevent the abuse of minors and amateur athletes.

USBC adopted the SafeSport Code of Conduct int its own.  The Code of Conduct prohibits:  Criminal Charges or Disposition, Child Abuse, Sexual Misconduct, Emotional and Physical Misconduct, Aiding and Abetting, Misconduct related to reporting, Misconduct related to the Center's Process and Inappropriate Conduct.

USBC identified the following roles that must be RVP/SafeSport Certified because of the involvement with youth.
     1.       Youth League Officers, Tournament Managers and Certified Coaches.
     2.       Team USA Coaches, Team USA,  Junior Team USA Members and Youth
                  Committee Members.
     3.       USBC Employees, National, State and Local Board Members and
                   Association Managers.

With the inclusion of SafeSport into USBC policies it joins ALL NGBs of Sports together with the same goal to prevent child abuse and sexual abuse.  It also gives a joint Database of offenders the have violated the SafeSport Code of Conduct.

All Associations were given a deadline of January 1st. 2019 to comply with the new requirements, however USBC decided not to act until August 1st. 2019.  If there are no viable Board Members for the next season the Association will be dissolved and the affected members and houses will be absorbed into surrounding Association as per USBC National Bylaws.

​Submitted by:   Phil Dickens, Seacoast NH USBC